How It Works

Step 1: Choose your box (Full, Drama, or Mini) → Step 2: Choose your term (Monthly, 3 Month, or 6 Month) → Step 3: calculate shipping and checkout

What comes in a LashyBox?

Each Full Size LashyBox ($13.99 + shipping) contains 3-4 pair of false eyelashes, a makeup item and a tool

Each Drama Box ($12.99 + shipping) contains 3-4 pair of luxury high end very dramatic lashes 25mm in length or longer and occasionally will include a tool or makeup item. 

Each Mini Box ($9.99 + shipping) includes 2-3 pair of false lashes. Perfect for the lash newbie or someone who doesn't wear falsies on a daily basis.

When I sign up which month will I get?

The cut off for the current months box is the 21st of each month. So say you sign up on January 21st or earlier you will receive January but if you sign up January 22nd you will get February. 

What happens if a box sells out?

We will always do our best to restock with a variation of the box that is sold out - however - if that is not possible then you will be on the list to receive the following months box. 

How do reward points work?

Points can be redeemed within your account loyalty page starting at 100 points. Points are only redeemable for add on purchase items in the shop page.

100 Points = $10 off your next order

200 Points = $20 off your next order

500 Points = $50 off your next order