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Full Size LashyBox

Lash lovers far and wide rejoice! It's HERE! each box contains $50-$80 value for just $13.99 a month!

The Drama Box

Lovers of BOLD DRAMATIC LASHES! Its HERE! each box contains 3-4 super Fluffy Dramatic 22mm-28mm Mink, Faux Mink, 3D Silk $50-$80 value for just $12.99 a month!

LashyBox XL

$24.99 a month for 5-6 pair of premium re-useable lashes, 3-4 EXTRA makeup items/tools! Bigger Palettes! Extra LASHES! MORE OF EVERYTHING YOU LOVE ABOUT LASHYBOX!

Soft Glam Box

We are excited to launch our newest Box! For a more NATURAL Approach! 3-5 pair of Natural-Soft Glam Lashes a month Plus extras! such as a makeup item and/or tool!

LashyBox Magnetics

The first ever Magnetic Lash Subscription box! Every month you will get 3 pair of magnetic lashes, 1 magnetic liner and 1-2 makeup items! ALL FOR LESS THEN THE PRICE OF ONE PAIR OF LASHES!

LashyBox Mini

Only need a couple of pairs? Don't panic, the Mini LashyBox is just for you!

Previous Boxes

Past boxes have included products like these:

Jan Full Size Box

Jan XL Box

Jan Soft Glam